July 05, 2013

Together on Fourth of July | Personal | Hampton Roads, VA Photographer

This Independence Day, we finally ventured out as a full family to see the fireworks!  Independence Day 2010...Noah was a newborn, and Seth had returned to Italy.  I am pretty sure I went to bed early that night.  The next year, Noah and I went to Roanoke to be spend the 4th with family, and Seth was still in Italy.  We drove out to a park to watch the fireworks, but by the time we got out and walked to our spot...Noah was fast asleep!  Just a year old, and he slept through the entire thing!  Last 4th of July, Seth was finally here with us, but Noah went to bed early again, and he missed the fireworks!

FINALLY this 4th, we got to see the fireworks on the beach, and we got to see them together and with good friends.  Noah loved it!  He talked to Grandma on the phone for a few minutes while the fireworks were going and told her how "AWESOME!!!!" they were.  I am really glad he finally got to see them, and next year....we will be seeing them again! :)

I snapped a couple of photos of Seth and Noah before we left...

Then I handed my camera to Seth to get some of Noah and I.  Look at that....getting his sunflare on! 

Ooh...and we saw this little guy as we were leaving the house!  Noah thought it was SO cool! did I...hence why I felt the need to take a picture of it!

So this was the first 4th where I have a nice camera!  I brought it with me of course.  I really wanted to try some longer exposures to capture the fireworks!  First hope ya like!  
I shot these with a Canon 5D Mark II & 50mm f/1.4 @ f/3.2 and 0.8 of a second. 

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Hope everyone had a fun and safe time!

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