June 19, 2013

Heather | Maternity | Norfolk, VA Photographer

Heather and her two adorable boys met up with me at the little park down the street last Sunday morning.  Heather totally ROCKED this shoot!  She is gorgeous, and I couldn't have asked for a better session!  It was completely worth getting up at 7 am on a Sunday!  The weather was perfect, the light was great, and it was warm but not disgustingly hot, like it normally is during the summer. 

Heather and I actually met at this park a while back!  It was shortly after we moved into the neighborhood.  I had taken Noah and our dog, Ella to the park to play for a bit, and Heather was there with her boys.  The boys had all been playing together, and of course, I decided to chat up a fellow mommy in the area!

;] I love Heather.  She is super sweet and super cute, and I am so happy to have done this maternity shoot with her!  She will be welcoming baby boy #3 (man, she is brave!) soon, and I can't wait to meet him!

This is also the first session with my newly acquired Canon 5D Mark II body!  I got it just the day before, so of course I was excited to figure a whole new body out.  I love how much more I am getting in my pictures with this new camera, thanks to Dannielle Gleim of Vella Photography.  She sold me her beloved Jacoby, her favorite camera..and yes she names's totally normal ;], and man....I just want her to know I am so happy I got it!  I'm in Canon love.


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