June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! | Personal | Hampton Roads Photographer

This father's day, Noah and I are celebrating the last three years of our family alone!  Seth is currently on a deployment, and I know you military mamas out there know how I feel.  While it is hard to spend so many holidays as an incomplete family, we do know that it is for a good reason.  Seth is out doing what he does best for our country, and Noah and I wanted to do something special to let him know that we are thinking of him today and missing him so much!

Thankfully, Seth gets back next weekend, but that does not make it any less harder for Noah to experience this day without his daddy around.

Noah wants to wish his daddy a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Just another day in our home...Daddy being here would make it so much better!

Here are some old camera phone-quality/pocket camera-quality pictures from when Noah was born.  This was such a wonderful day.  It was the day we both became parents.  It was extra special for Seth because it was the day he became a father -- the key to this special holiday!

Most of you probably know that Seth was stationed out of the country for a little over two years.  So while I was pregnant with Noah and for much of the first year of Noah's life, Seth was in Italy and we were in the D.C. area.  Yes, it was hard for me to play both roles and do double the work, but I know for Seth, it was extremely hard to be away from his family.  I know he was upset about how he couldn't be there for me when I was really sick while pregnant, and I know it pained him even more when he had to go back to Italy after just meeting his son.  

Once Seth was back home for good, he and Noah were back to being best friends, and I love that the separation did not affect the relationship between Noah and his daddy whatsoever.  Noah has always loved his Daddy more than anything, and I love the two of them together!  

Seth, we can't wait for you to come home!  Noah made some cards for you, and we got you an awesome gift to that you'll love!

Hint: warm and cozy, and you'll use it everyday!

We love you babe!  See you soon!

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