April 04, 2013

Lovely Little Ladies | Sami, Sophie + Kendall

I had originally planned to do a large family photo session last weekend, but due to the lack of greenery and downright feel of Spring, we decided to postpone it until we can get some beautiful flowers in backgrounds!  Instead, Sami and her best friend Kendall asked me to do a cute little "best friends" shoot - my first!  I wish when I was in school that I had done a mini-photoshoot with my best friend!  What great memories these two have made so far, and how awesome will it be to have these photos to look back on years from now!?  You girls were just adorable; thank you for letting me take photos of you!  

It was pretty chilly that day, but boy do they make it look warm and Spring-y!

Of course I could not forget Aunt Missy and little miss Lucy :)

Sisterly love...  I luck out with these beautiful sister shoots, don't I?!

My cousin Soph...she was just beautiful in her photos!  She is growing up way too fast!

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