April 10, 2013

Baby Avila | Lifestyle Newborn

Some very good friends of mine recently welcomed their daughter, Avila, into the world, and I got to photograph their beautiful family!  Avi, just a mere six days old, was the best baby I have ever photographed! Okay...she is only baby I have ever photographed...(& I am not counting the camera phone pictures of Noah when he was a baby).  I guess I am off to a good start then, huh?  It was awesome spending a relaxing few hours with CA, Rocky, Gemma, and Avila in their own home!  I love that they asked me to do this; and I can't wait for them to see all of the photos!!

Such a wonderful pair!  It is moments like these.....

.....where you can't believe that just happened!

Good thing parents love their kids more than anything!
Rocky's face is just priceless!

Isn't she a doll :)

Big sister Gemma loves Avi! 

Gemma, you beautiful little munchkin....take good care of Avi!  Be a good role model; teach her things, and take lots of pictures of her!  I love this family so much, and I cannot wait to see Avila grow up into a wonderful little girl (just like Gemma!)


  1. LOVE these pictures!!!! Ahhh!!! You did such a wonderful job capturing the beauty of Avila and the Rhoades family. :) :)

  2. Oh my goodness LOVE!!!!!! So many sweet moments :):)

  3. Thanks everyone! CA - I am glad you love them! You have many more on the CD...just gotta get that you to guys =]