March 13, 2013

Shooting at Sunrise: Rachel R.

I applaud any and all photographers who have the motivation to wake before the sun rises. I know it is because the lighting is amazing just after the sun comes up; I know this because I decided to try it out! Let me tell you, I think I prefer the light after the sun comes UP over the light just before it goes DOWN! 

Last weekend, I tore myself from my warm, comfortable bed to drive to Virginia Beach, pick up my model, and get us to the beach! We made it in time, and it was so worth it! The lighting really was amazing, and while it was a bit cold and windy, Rachel was a trooper and gave me some great shots! This won't be the last time I do this to a model, but I can tell may be a while before it happens! Check out some of my shots, and let me know what you think [if you so wish to do so]!

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