March 17, 2013

Lighting 101 | Becca & Alannah

A few weeks ago, my friend and mentor, Devon Shanor (who I just started an internship with recently!!!) held a small lighting class that I attended.  We met up in Hampton at Fort Monroe and took some great shots of two lovely young ladies who were brave enough to shoot in the windy cold with us!  We started out with some shots as the sun was setting and as if that wasn't enough, Devon let us use her lighting gear!  I have a huge appreciation for flash photography now because it can be difficult!  There is a lot that goes into shooting at night and using all kinds of different gear to "get the shot" you want!  I had a blast hanging out with the ladies and photographing our two models, who did a great job and made it so fun!  Check out some of my shots:

Of course I adore photographing in natural light [especially during "the golden hour"), BUT I also love using flash!  I love that you can manipulate where shadows fall on and off.  Flash can help create some pretty amazing stuff!

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