June 08, 2012

Reward Charts

I have tried many things to correct my son's less-than-cute behavior.  I think I may have found something that will actually work: a reward chart!

I recently purchased one through his school, and we have been using it for the past few days.  I can already see a big change in his behavior, particularly with eating meals and not making a complete mess with them.  On his chart, there are about six spaces for the chores/duties and then spaces for stickers to be placed once he accomplishes one of the tasks on the chart.  On his, I have written things like "Use the potty," "Clean up toys," and my favorite one that seems to be working well so far - "Eat my entire meal."  I know that may seem weird that him eating his whole meal (specifically dinner) would be a chore, but I'll have you know that is surely is.  It certainly feels like a chore for me due to the amount of food and splattered spaghetti-sauce, cheese, peas, half-eaten whatever else and more that usually ends up all over the floor, in his chair, and on his face that has to be cleaned up.  He has been doing really well. The past three nights at home, he has eaten his entire meal without throwing food or making a huge mess.  I really could not be more proud.

I encourage parents to check out reward charts.  I think they will be....rewarding =]
He currently has six stars already!  I let him know that once he gets to 10 stars, he may have a yummy treat - something like ice cream or a cookie.  If he gets to 20 stars, I will take him to the park for the afternoon to play and do what he loves to do (be outside!)  The big one - 30 stars - will earn him a trip to the zoo, aquarium, beach, etc.  I am hoping that he realizes that the more good he does, the more fun he and I will have.  I hope the use of the reward chart pans out to be something that really benefits him and my sanity....

He takes pride in himself when he sees me putting a sticker on his chart and telling him, "Good job!"  Again, I encourage using these charts in case there is something your child is not quite getting, or really even if they are good.  It is important to set goals and allow your child to reach them and feel good about reaching them.  I think it is a great life lesson, and ultimately it should help to set them up for a successful, goal-fulfilling future.  Good luck fellow mommies!

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