February 22, 2012

Toddlers & Puppies

Last Friday night, we picked up our brand new Pomapoo pup from the airport and brought her back to a home filled with love and affection.  It has been less than a week since she has been a part of our family, but I must say that I love her so much already.  It is like we have welcomed a new bundle of joy into the family, and she truly is a part of us.  She has been a good girl for the most part, but she is a puppy.  And puppies poop.  Since she is a 4 pound dog, her bladder and stomach are not terribly big so we are constantly taking her outside to use the potty, and we are quickly running out of paper towels.  Can't say I mind the fresh air, that's for sure.

I also did not expect things to be like this.  I expected to have a little hyper thing running around the house, yes.  I did not expect to be constantly rounding corners watching my every step wondering if I am about to step in someone's accident.  It is like having another baby all over again.  It is not quite as hard, but it definitely is some work.  

Oh, and my son just adores Cinderella (yep, that's her name. We call her Ella for short because my toddler cannot say Cinderella quite yet...).  He will run around the house or outside in the yard while she chases after him, nipping at his ankles.  She truly is a joy to be around, and I welcome the wriggling tail and loving barks when I walk through the door after a long day of work.  I do feel like a hole in my heart has been filled because of her, and it was always my dream to have a dog grow up with my child.  My whole life, I have had pets and really, nothing compares to the love of a pet .... well, I guess except a spouse...or child. Anyways, pets are great.  And puppies are cute.  I was so ecstatic when we paid the balance on her and I was checking my email to find that a flight had been booked for her so quickly.  She had to fly in from Oklahoma, and I do know that poor puppy must have been pretty shaken after being in a tiny little crate for 14 hours, traveling on 3 different airplanes, and not knowing what was going on.  But she has adapted well, and she seems to feel a lot more comfortable nowadays...must be the marking of territory..

I have been so much conscious about what is laying on the floor, if my son is throwing goldfish at her, if there are any puddles or piles in hallways, and I definitely am watching where I step.  

I just love her. 

I am sure you see why :)

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