January 05, 2013

Liz & Sarah: Sisterly Love

Yesterday afternoon in Downtown Norfolk, I met up with Liz and Sarah, two sisters who share a great bond. They were out for a "Sister Day," and of course wanted some fun shots! I had so much fun with these girls because they are also friends of mine. It was fun to laugh with them and of course do my first photoshoot! I was so excited to receive a request so quickly after asking for models over Facebook! I couldn't be happier to have shot Liz and Sarah for my first shoot! I hope to add many more photoshoots to this new phlog...and we'll see where it takes me...

Quite possibly my favorite. This isn't edited at all. I love the glowing warmth of the sun around Sarah.

Another favorite. Sarah suggested the cobblestone street, and it worked out pretty well!

Lovely ladies!

Liz showing off her rock!

Please do not crop or alter images in any way.
Contact me for more info, or if you'd like to do a shoot with me! I am not charging, as I am still learning and making mistakes [trust me, I made a lot during this shoot].

Liz and Sarah -- your sisterhood is beautiful. I always wished to have a sister [or several] growing up; you two make it seem so wonderful! 

I decided to also tackle this awesome 52 Weeks of Inspiration photo checklist. I am marking Warmth off the list for yesterday's shoot. Despite the extremely chilly weather, Liz and Sarah both brought so much warmth to their photos and you really couldn't tell they were cold. The sun was also shining, so it added a glow to the two of them! 

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