December 31, 2012

Year in Review

As I reflect on this past year, I am reminded of all the wonderful memories and friends my family and I have made. We started off the new year last year by throwing a party at our home; friends came, we drank, we laughed. It was a great start to a new year. Since that party almost one whole year ago, we have welcomed even more awesome people into our lives, strengthened existing relationships, and unfortunately lost touch with some people once considered to be friends.

2011/2012 New Year's Party

I decided to do this blog post after Facebook harassed me to do a "Year in Review" containing the 20 biggest moments of the year. I was kind of bummed after reviewing it because FB seemed to have missed quite a bit of important stuff! In 2012, babies were born, LOTS of babies were conceived [by our friends and family, not us!!], and Heaven received some new residents. As we begin 2013, babies are going to be on the brain for us too....we have decided to try for another baby! We are hoping to be blessed with a healthy pregnancy in the coming months. Pray for us!

Aside from hoping to add another to our family, we did welcome our Pom-a-Poo Cinderella into the family earlier this year! It has definitely been hard trying to train her and keep her from getting on everyone's nerves, but I think she has also brought a lot of joy! We are currently in a 6 week training class with her trying to break some of those puppy habits!

After we brought her home

Ella Christmas 2012

Okay, so some other key moments of the year:
  • I started this blog almost a year ago
  • I joined a book club in April and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made; I have read so many books that I would have never picked up, and I have made lots of new friends =]
  • I had my first orange crush in April...'nough said.
  • Seth and I hit our third anniversary on the 1st of June
  • Noah turned two years old and this past few months have been the most fun; he's talking in full sentences, sharing, using the potty, and saying his please's and thank you's
  • I visited the Bahamas in September for two whole weeks; it was my first time out of the U.S. and it was a great trip!
  • Seth hit 25 in September
  • Devon Shanor of Devon Shanor Photography took our newest family pictures, and they turned out fantastic!
  • We finally took a trip to Colorado in October where Seth met my father and older brother, Tim; he had never been to CO so it was awesome to show him where I used to live and my dad was tickled to meet his grandson, Noah
  • I started doing CrossFit.....phew....[kicked my butt!]
  • We met a number of amazing people! (too many to name)
  • I got promoted to Petty Officer Second Class! It feels like it has been a long time coming...
  • I threw a super sweet Great Gatbsy-themed murder mystery dinner party for my 22nd birthday and it was tons of fun!
  • We had an awesome Christmas with Seth's whole family, and we got to spend Christmas morning at home, just the four of us....a new tradition hopefully...
  • I received the newest love of my life for Christmas: a Canon Rebel T3i that I longingly drooled over for months
  • Some of our ABSOLUTE favorite people, Jerry and Jessica, visited us in Norfolk for a few days (they moved away to New Mexico because of the USAF and we hadn't seen them in a while)
With that being said, I think I have decided to turn this blog into more of a photo-blog...or a phlog, if you will. I guess I better change the name of it....
I have always been interested in photography but never had the equipment to really dive into it. Now that I have the basics, I am going to save up my money, add to my camera bag and learn as much as I possibly can. I am not saying I am trying to start up a photography business just yet, but hey you never know.........

Literal Hotties meeting

One of many amazing shots by Devon S!

20's Birthday Party!

Christmas; photos by our wonderful friend C.A. Rhoades of Candid Catholic Living

So, my goals for this year include taking a ridiculous amount of photos and learning from my mistakes, eating as healthy as I can while still indulging once in a while, [did I mention we want another baby too?], and continue to train our pup to be less hyper, jumpy, and loud! Wish me luck...

Here are some shots I have taken so far with this new camera:

Happy New Year!

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