May 10, 2013

the stunning courtney h. | virginia beach, virginia photography

I absolutely LOVED this shoot with Courtney! It's easy to see why - she is so gorgeous!  When she asked me to do a shoot with her, I immediately said yes!  I am so glad I did; being that we are such good friends, I knew I wanted to be that person to do something for her that would make her feel so beautiful!  I love doing shoots with my friends, because I know them!  I know what will make them happy as clients, and I know how to capture their quirks!  :)

Courtney, I had such a great time!  I love you, and you look so so beautiful in these photos!  I am so excited to share these with you and everyone else!  

For the shoot, we went on down to First Landing (and Courtney wrote a $5 check!) Weather was was windy without being CRAZY!  Good thing too...we might have been chasing down a particular hair-accessory =P

Take a look at some of my favs! [It was hard to limit myself...I nearly uploaded all of them]!

Gotta post those classic "getting ready" shots....really this was just practice for me for brides later on.... :)

Big thanks to Nikki Ramon-Gross for doing Courtney's makeup!

And because she is such a nerd...we just HAD to show off her love for Harry Potter!

Happy 21st Birthday Court!

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